FlowViewer Install - $750

This support option includes a full install of FlowViewer and the underlying SiLK netwflow capture and analysis software on any Unix server. You provide:

  • User account with root access
  • Remote accessibility
  • Unix server w/ Internet access
  • Occasional SysAdmin support

The result is a fully configured and operational FlowViewer user interface over the SiLK netflow capture and analysis software.

Router Netflow Config $500

This support option provides netflow configuration statements for exporting routers and will troubleshoot until netflow stream is arriving properly at the collector. You provide:

  • Router make and OS version
  • Version 5 or 9 choice
  • Sampling level if desired
  • Intermediate firewalls

The result is the receipt of netflow data at the receiver server for configured netflow capable devices.

FlowViewer Training $500

This support option involves a complete run through the FlowViewer capabilities. The best way to do this would be a webex using the actual install with live data. You provide:

  • Webex or other conferencing option

Custom Support $75/Hour

This support option provides custom support by the hour. This might involve any additional tasks desired, to include general monitoring related issues. You provide:

  • General task instructions
  • Minimum 4 hours

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