by Stacy Loiacono,

I’m on the bottom!!!

The pic is pre-Covid-19 and I miss those days! Recently, I have been working on enhancing my Power BI skill set through various diverse projects. Below is a preview of my most recent BI projects:

Project 1: ‘Covid-19 Tracker’ is an analysis of trends in Covid-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by U.S., regions, and states. The data comes from a data API provided by ‘The Covid Tracking Project’ – I uploaded my final report to the Power BI Service, set an automatic refresh in order to get daily data updates, and embedded the report to provide the link to family and friends. (Note, ‘The Covid Tracking Project’ stopped collecting data on March 7, 2021.)

Exhibit 1 – Covid-19 Tracker

Project 2: ‘Measuring Repeat Customers’ is an analysis that uses advanced DAX formulas and functions. The analysis answers the question – ‘Of my new customers I have each month, how many return within 90 days of their initial purchase, and how many return within 3 months after their initial purchase month?’

Exhibit 2 – Measuring Repeat Customers

Project 3: ‘Profitability Analysis on Product Brand’ is an analysis of what happens to your profit as you adjust your price. This analysis uses the ‘drill-through’ function to drill down to a selected product brand and parameters to carry out the what if analysis.

Exhibit 3 – Profitability Analysis on Product Brand

Thank you for your interest! Stay tuned for a BI Report on the National Hockey League. I am a new fan of hockey and am excited to dig into their data. Go Caps!